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Welcome to the Windows On Your World phase of The Seeing Project. This is a Walled City Partnership initiative for kids. It's an innovative and interactive heritage education project designed to enable children to truely see the world around them.

Using Appreciative Inquiry, children explore old buildings and the spaces around them through a variety of highly interactive workshops, suitable for all abilities

All sorts of fun activities from talking, walking, drawing and painting through to debate and creative visioning allow very young children voice their feelings, opinions and dreams for themselves and their place.

The Windows on your world phase uses old windows as the vehicle through which children engage meaningfully with the heritage around them. From making a collage of the view form their desk, to painting a life size old window on the floor, and working out how to get the pictures to stay on stained glass in the rain children learn to recognise two of the world's major historic architectural styles and identify five different types of historic windows.

These child centred activities capture the imagination of children and teachers alike, bringing energy and joy, as well as learning to the classroom.

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Making this work for you

Each workshop has a set of resources for anyone who'd like to deliver this project, including PDfs and a video overview.

Alongside the Resources section, the broad approach is detailed here, with information on Appreciative Inquiry and how this underpins all the work the children do.

Making this work
The project covered so many parts of the curriculum in a cross curricular way and more importantly, the children had great fun learning

Mrs Edel Connolly
P3 class teacher, Long Tower Primary School, Derry

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