About the project

Every day we eat, sleep and watch TV in the same house. Every day we travel along the same streets to school or work. This is our world – but how much of it do we really ‘see’?

‘The Seeing Project’ is made up of the following ‘suites’ of highly enjoyable interactive workshop sequences all designed to ‘prop up the eyelids of young children with matchsticks’:

  • 1. Windows on Your World
  • 2. Room with a View
  • 3. Traces of Spaces
  • 4. How Special Are We?

The four suites of workshops start a lifelong, eye opening process through which participants begin to see and appreciate their heritage. True ‘seeing’ sows the seeds of understanding and appreciation of what’s special and unique in a place. Only when we understand and appreciate, can we truly care about, and care for, old buildings and their outside spaces.

This learning resource aims to:

  • Grow and equip the next generation to become effective custodians of heritage
  • Help participants get to know themselves and each other
  • Develop confidence and capacity to express opinions about the physical built and natural heritage
  • Develop innate creativity
  • Develop awareness to change things for the better

Windows on Your World

The ‘Windows on Your World’ suite of workshops is suitable for children at Key Stage 1. This uses old windows as the vehicle for learning and raising awareness of heritage. The five workshops engage participants in a variety of fun activities. Although designed to run sequentially, apart from obvious introductory activities and the concluding Dream-catchers Workshop 5, teachers and parents are free to choose the order of intermediate activities to suit the needs of their learning group, the weather and time available.

The final Dream-catchers workshop works particularly well when two participating classes are brought together to share learning. Consider teaming up with another local school (or summer school) to achieve this. Relocating this last workshop to an interesting, suitable, accessible old building exposes participants to a historic building interior – perhaps for the first time. This is an excellent grand finale to the ‘Windows on Your World’ learning experience. All workshops create a safe, child centred environment in which to complete the activities. The approach taken overcomes self-consciousness quickly, facilitating rapid engagement between participants who may not know each other already.

This was my best day at school ever!

P3 Pupil
Ms Higgins class, Nazareth House Primary School